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           2015 Individual Membership
To become a member for 2015, select a membership level from the list below and either send a check with your name and preferred mailing address or use PayPal.  Instructions for both are below.

2015 Business Membership
To become a 2015 Business Member, send your check for $50 with Company Name, Address, Phone, Email and Contact Person to the address below.  Your company will be added to the list of Business Members on the Home Page and included in the newsletter.
"What does your membership help us do for you"

Thought you’d appreciate knowing that our beautiful lake has recently been recognized as a “Star Lake” by the Star Lakes and Rivers Board of MN. We are one of only eleven lakes to receive this award and the largest in size to do so.


Why would you want to join and become a member of your Big Sandy Lake Association (BSLA)?


1)  As a member you’ll receive our regular newsletter and we’ll keep you aware of our activities related to important lake issues.


2)  The BSLA represents you and your interests with a variety of organizations that are concerned with the quality of our lake and our watershed.


3)  The BSLA is, first and foremost, concerned with improving the quality of our lake. We’re working to determine how water quality can be improved and we will put those findings to action.


4)  The BSLA is on the frontlines to combat invasive species and to keep them out of our waters.


5)  The BSLA monitors legislative activities and government actions that can have a significant impact on lake use.


6)  The BSLA is working with the Minnesota DNR and Aitkin County to improve the quality of our fishery.


7)  The BSLA works with the Aitkin County Sheriff to keep our lake safe for all lake users.


8)  The BSLA is there to listen to your concerns and to address them as appropriate. Contact us if you ever have an issue you believe should be addressed. Members are encouraged to attend any of our Board Meetings to address the Board directly. BSLA also maintains a website and Post Office box as contact points.


These, and other benefits, are yours for only $30 a year. It’s a very small investment in the future of our lake and we hope you’ll consider joining us.


Thanks for your consideration.
New property owners receive one year membership free.

Regular Dues: $30.00 payable annually:

Sustaining: $31.00 - $99.00 proceeds go to general operating fund:

Sponsor: $100.00 - $499.00 a sponsor may specify a project to support:

Lifetime: $500.00 - $999.00 no annual dues. Proceeds go to general fund or may be dedicated to a specific program:

Benefactor: $1000.00 and up, includes lifetime membership:

The Big Sandy Lake Association is a 501C3 non profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible.

Big Sandy Lake Association
P.O. Box 21
McGregor, MN 55760

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