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        Big Sandy Lake Association Mission Statement

With respect for future generations, the Mission of the Big Sandy Lake Association -- through education, leadership, and by example -- is to protect and improve water quality, promote best-practice shoreline management and use, and seek balance and harmony between the rights of property owners and existing (and proposed) rules, regulations, statutes and laws. 

       Big Sandy  Lake Association Vision 


To protect the water quality of BSL through a monitoring and reporting program and to actively pursue follow-up activities required to improve and sustain the health of the lake.


To offer experiences and education for the youth of the area in subjects relating to safe recreational activities on the lake and an appreciation for protecting the BSL Watershed.


To build and maintain on-going relationships with State, County, and local governmental agencies as they relate to issues affecting BSL and its surroundings.


To gain expertise in areas that may influence BSL and communicate that information to association members and others on the lake.


To build and maintain relationships with other organizations and individuals that have similar objectives, purposes and values.


To maintain a significant financial reserve fund for potential environmental events that could threaten the health of Big Sandy Lake.


To be sensitive to the rights of individual property owners.

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