All about Cell Tower Leasing

All about Cell Tower Leasing

Will you be hiring a cell tower consultant? There are thousands of property owners who have been approached by mobile and wireless companies hoping to rent portions of their land to build a cell tower. Its big business leasing cell tower locations; and certainly something which thousands of property owners look into each and every year. However, what do you know about cell tower leasing? Are you up to date with the latest knowledge or are you lacking behind? Maybe it’s time you learned about cell tower leasing to make it easier should this opportunity ever come knocking.

Owner’s Rights Should Be Set Out Within the Lease

Do you specifically know your rights as a property owner? Unfortunately, with a cell tower lease there are certain specifics missed out which can cause a lot of trouble later; it’s not something you want to deal with and should be addressed. Within a cell tower lease, it’s very important to state the property owner’s rights; and they should be set out within the lease agreement. If these are not stated then the owner might have a battle on their hands should they disagree with any extension plans of the company they’re renting to. Click here for lease experts assistance.

All about Cell Tower Leasing

You Must Have an Independent Evaluation of the Property

With any lease, you are going to be dealing with a monetary value and you have to be sure the amount you’re agreeing too is fair. How can you work out if the value by the company is fair or not? It’s very important to have an independent evaluation conducted of the property. By having an independent evaluation carried out you can understand the real extent of the value. It will be a lot easier to have a cell tower consultant who can deal with these matters. What is more, they are the ones who will help with creating a good lease agreement too, which is fair for you as the property owner. To find your property valuation, visit:

Limitations for the Lease Holder Is Important

The company renting the piece of land from you only has access to the portion they are renting, nothing more. Unfortunately, the actual limits of the access of the company isn’t always written down or expressed in the lease and that’s cause for trouble. When you are creating a cell tower lease you absolutely have to ensure there are specific instructions set out about the limitations of the renter so that the company or any member of the company, cannot use any other part of the land not rented by them, unless given permission by the property owner.

Get a Fair Deal

Cell tower leasing is increasingly popular and there are thousands of new towers springing up all over! It’s great because it means wireless capabilities are improving, but at the same time, it means there are opportunities for property owners to make some money. When you are one of those property owners, you have to ensure you’re getting a fair and honest deal so that you get a decent profit from this venture. Why not speak to a cell tower consultant and see how they can help you during your leasing agreement? Learn more about cell tower rents.

Cell Tower Rents: How Much, and Why?

Cell Tower Rents: How Much, and Why?

Cell tower lease rates are something which thousands are looking into simply because they’re looking to make money! Mobile phone companies are approaching thousands of property owners in hopes of securing an ideal location for their new cell towers. However, while the companies are scouting locations, property owners are looking into how much they can potentially make from their adventure. So, how much rent could be expected from a cell tower and what are the determining factors? Click here to get more about cell tower lases rates.

How Prime Is the Location

A property which is classed as ‘prime location’, will be more likely to see a higher rental rate than those not in the prime zone! Why is that? It’s down to the demand and how limited this area might be. When someone wants to create a cell tower lease with a property owner, they will be more willing to pay extra for a location that’s very important to their company and abilities to make money. When you’re trying to work out how much rental income you can expect or why you’re getting only that amount, it’s maybe down to the location and whether it’s in a prime spot or not.

Cell Tower Rents: How Much, and Why?

What past Rental Rates Were

Cell tower lease rates can be determined also on previous rental rates. If the rates were set at a certain limit before then the new rent may be determined by that. Let’s say you were getting over $150,000 for the previous years of rental income from the cell tower, there might only be a two percent increase, if at all. Past rates will be a contributing factor with how much the rental rates are set at and while some people will be able to see a large increase, others will not. There are many deciding factors when it comes to rental rates. Check more about cell tower rates on

Limitations over Construction of Future Cell Towers

Zoning issues and construction permit problems can cause the rental rates to decrease. If there are potential problems in the work or the company won’t be able to upgrade or do work to the current cell tower then the rates will be considerably lower than you may expect. It’s down to the fact that companies won’t be prepared to take a huge risk if the site they choose isn’t able to freely be able to make upgrades later. With a cell tower lease, companies expect to be able to make improvements as and when needed so they don’t always like to deal with permit problems.Learn more about tower and antenna siting.

Get a Good Rental Rate

Cell towers are highly sought after today, and it seems more companies are trying to get hold of prime sites to house their new towers. It’s easy to see why this is big business, and the truth is that there are many wireless and mobile companies that need good locations for their cell towers. You might be able to get great rental returns if your site is chosen. Cell tower lease rates can be fairly decent, but the actual amount you can make can vary significantly depending on the company renting the land and what you agree to also.

Cell Tower Leases Q and A

Cell Tower Leases Q and A

You’re been approached about a cell tower lease but do are you sure about this before you agree to lease the land? There are many property owners that absolutely love the idea of leasing some of their land for a cell tower, but, who also have many questions over it. Unfortunately, a lot of property owners don’t think about asking a few questions, so maybe it’s time to get a few of those questions answered. Here are a few basic questions about cell tower leasing and the answers you need to know.

Will I Be Approached By The Wireless Carrier Personally?

In most cases, you won’t be directly contacted by the carrier but rather their manager or real estate attorney. Some carriers may decide to contact you personally, such as the person who’s in charge of cell tower leasing but it’s unlikely, although not impossible. It’s tough because every company is different and acts differently when it comes to getting a lease sorted out. However, it will be more likely someone acting on the behalf of the wireless company. If you are contacted, a cell tower consultant may be required to deal with a lease and negotiation.

Cell Tower Leases Q and A

What Should Be Included With The Cell Tower Lease?

There needs to be several items set out within the lease. Firstly, ground, space and access rights are a must to be sorted out so that everyone knows where they stand! Setting out the terms can be so important and you should never sign anything until you are completely satisfied with it. It’s important to have a cell tower consultant and hammer out some negotiations you are happy with. This is important to do and certainly, it’ll make things far easier as well. Learn more about cell tower lease firms.

How Will I Know If My Property Is Suitable?

Not all property will be suitable for cell tower locations, and you will be told shortly. In most cases, wireless companies will inspect the property and conduct surveys and all sorts in order to test the ground out. After they have done their studies, they will either say they still want to use the ground for their cell tower or will look elsewhere. If the property isn’t suitable for their cell towers, they will let you know. You might not find out until mid way through the negotiations for the cell tower lease depending on when the company undertakes its survey of the property. Get more information on

How Long Should The Lease Last For?

Leases can stretch around five years initially. Once the five years is up, you may be able to get the company to renew its lease again for another five years. However, it will depend on their plans as a business and whether they are happy to renew the lease. If you are going to go through a lease negotiation then it’s best to get a cell tower consultant in to help you through this process. It’s not always easy but having someone on hand to help can make things smoother for all. Click here to get more about Leases and Rental Agreements.

Making Cell Tower Leases less Confusing

Cell tower leasing is fairly straightforward, but only when you have a better understanding of it all. There are some property owners who assume their properties are ideal just because they’ve been approached by a company; however, that doesn’t guarantee a lease agreement will be made. Remember, it all depends on the network coverage, as well as the type of speeds given too. There are a number of factors which can determine whether or not a cell tower lease agreement is made.