Cell Tower on Your Land – What You Give Up Versus What You Gain

Property owners love the sound of a cell tower lease as they believe it’ll generate a lot of money for them. While there are some positives of housing a cell tower on your land, there are also some downsides. Cell towers are in great demand, especially since more people use mobile devices and the internet. There are huge demands in rural areas for most cell towers so that more customers have sufficient coverage, but is it a good deal for property owners? What do you gain and give up when you have a cell tower on your land?

You Gain a Second Income – If You Negotiate Smartly

Landowners can generate a steady stream of income from a cell tower – when you negotiate for a fair price. Now, some companies will offer a fair price right off the bat, especially if they consider the land to be a prime piece of real estate. However, not all will follow this manner. What’s more, value of the land is not calculated by the size of the land or the land’s worth. That is why it’s sometimes best to speak with a cell tower lease consultant. They can deal with most of the negotiations on your behalf.

You Give a Long-Term Commitment to the Company

The reality of cell towers is that you’re giving up a piece of your land for the foreseeable future. You are fully committed to this cause. While you might have an initial lease of say 15-20 years, some companies have a clause where they basically have first refusal in which they renew the contract. You cannot terminate the contract early, whereas they can. That’s a bit frustrating and having a long-term commitment to the company mightn’t work for you in the upcoming years. A cell tower lease might seem great now, but there are long-term implications for you and your land. Know more here!

Is a Cell Tower Lease Worth It?

There are some real positives to come from cell towers, however, there are also some negatives and those are just as important to consider. It’s crucial to go into this with your eyes open and to get as much information as possible. You may also benefit from speaking with a cell tower lease consultant to ensure you get the very best deal possible. Of course, if you negotiate well, both parties can end up very happy. However, it takes a lot of thought, so it’s crucial not to rush the decision and think about the short and long-term requirements.

Go For Gold

Cell towers are hugely popular, especially since the demand for faster broadband and connectivity in recent years. That does open the door to many opportunities for both landowners and cell tower companies. Of course, there is a lot of expense for the companies, so they need to opt for long-term leases for them to make a profit. However, that doesn’t mean to say the deal can’t be beneficial to you too. A cell tower lease that is negotiated properly can be profitable for your family. For more details read our article: https://www.bslassociation.org/leasing-rates-for-cell-phone-towers/