How to get a Cell Tower on your Land

You want a cell tower lease so that you can earn a lot of money. There is a big monetary reward when you have a cell tower on your land because the companies renting out the land pay very well. However, just because you have a lot of land available, that doesn’t mean to say companies will recognize your potential to house a cell tower. If you’re interested in getting a cell tower on your land, maybe it’s time you found out how to go about it?

Do Your Research

There may be several hearings throughout the local area where companies look for approval for putting up a tower in the area; these are the meetings you want to attend. You may be able to approach an agent of the company and let them know you have land available to lease. You may be able to speak to a cell tower consultant and get the ball moving, and that’s a great start. However, while attending meetings are useful, they may not yield the results you want. It’s vital to do some research over which areas or regions have lots of cell towers and what restrictions there might be also.

Put Up a Sign Showing Land Available For Leasing

When you have the right zoning permits or permissions, why not put up a large sign on your property, visible to the road stating you have land available for leasing of a cell tower. You want to get a cell tower lease and you absolutely have to ensure people know you have land available. Putting up a sign can get the groundwork started because people will know there is land available and you might get offers. However, you must include a daytime telephone number or an email address so that if a company is interested, they’re able to contact you without delay. Read more!

Patience Is Needed

While you might like the idea of approaching a cell tower consultant and approaching a dozen different wireless companies, think again. If a company isn’t looking in your area for a cell tower, there is nothing you can do, and it’s a waste of your time bothering the company. Instead, you have to be patient. You must be patient and wait for the people to come to you, even if it takes several years. Sometimes, it does take a long while before anyone takes interest in your land. Remember, there is lots of land out there and that means yours might be passed by, but when the right time comes, it’ll be profitable.

Never Pay To Get a Lease

However, don’t think about paying a company to lease your land because that’s not how the game works! You want to remain patient and research before you start advertising your land for leasing. It’s not too difficult to get someone interested in your land, but it doesn’t guarantee you will be chosen for a cell tower, even with acres of land. Remember, it’s about location and how good the land is to house a cell tower. Hopefully, you’ll get a cell tower lease in the future. Learn more details at: