The Top 10 Dos and Don’ts of Cell Tower Leases from a Telecommunications Attorney

It can be quite overwhelming to deal with a cell tower lease without the assistance of a professional. Leases are full of legal and technical jargon, most of which can be quite confusing to understand. That is why it has become a necessity to hire a telecommunications attorney to help deal with the cell tower rental or lease agreement. So, here are the top 10 dos and don’ts of dealing with a lease.

The Top 5 Dos of Cell Tower Leases

Here are the things you should do when tackling a tower lease:

  • Do Research Before You Sign any Agreements or Go into Negotiations over Costs
  • Do Sell the Future Rights of Leasing Before You Sell Your Property
  • Do Retain the Lease for Future Use to Receive Additional Income
  • Do Remove the First Refusal Clause from the Cell Tower Lease
  • Do Get an Amendment for Material Changes to the Site

While your minds are focused on cell tower lease rates, you cannot forget the basics. While the rates are important to you, the fine details cannot be overlooked. It’s crucial to take the time to look at each part of the lease with a fine toothcomb and highlight points you don’t understand or any in favor of. Know more here!

The Top 5 Don’ts of Signing a Cell Tower Lease

Here are a few things you shouldn’t do when renewing or signing a cell tower lease.

  • Don’t Rush to Renew a Year or More Before the Lease Expires
  • Do Not Sign a Contract Without Reading Every Single Line
  • Do Not Agree to Any Terms Until You Understand What They Mean for You
  • Do Not Be Pushed into Any Agreements by High-Pressure Tactics
  • Do Not Be Afraid to Request a Change in Terms

Whether your cell tower lease rates are impressive or otherwise, you cannot rush into these contracts. It is a big commitment and something that can be profitable if done well. Of course, it is important to have an attorney or legal expert at your side so that you get a fair deal. Far too many people don’t and end up with the short straw.

The Risks and Rewards Must Be Balanced Before Any Agreements

A lot of people are tempted to sign a cell tower lease contract as soon as it hits the table because they think it’s the best they’ll get. That is, however, not always true. Sometimes, the cell tower companies will stack the odds in their favor and if you aren’t careful enough, you’ll walk away unhappy, even if you get your rental income. Instead, you need to focus on hiring an attorney to help you with these matters. Telecommunication attorneys can help navigate you through the sea of legal jargon and confusion.

Take Care Before Renewing the Lease

Cell tower leases can be fantastic if you get a balanced deal. Of course, it is necessary to have help from a telecommunications attorney or expert just so they can explain the process. Let’s be honest, it can be a confusion time because there are lots of things to deal with and it’s not exactly a piece of cake. With the right help, you can ensure the deal is fair and best for you. Don’t just focus on the cell tower lease rates, focus on the complete picture. Click here for more information: